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- Minggu, 12 Maret 2023 | 11:22 WIB
Lirik Lagu Crazy Over You BLACKPINK (Instagram/blackpinkofficial)
Lirik Lagu Crazy Over You BLACKPINK (Instagram/blackpinkofficial)

SUARAKARYA.ID: Lagu Crazy Over You BLACKPINK merupakan salah satu album yang berjudul THE ALBUM.

Lagu Crazy Over You tersebut dirilis pada 02 Oktober 2021 dan diciptakan oleh Teddy Park, Bekuh Boom, dan Danny Chung.

lagu Crazy Over You dari BLACKPINK merupakan lagu keenam dari album studio pertamanya yaitu THE ALBUM.

Lirik Lagu Crazy Over You BLACKPINK

[Verse 1: Jennie, Jisoo & Lisa]
I've been known to kiss and tell
Send girls to wishing wells
If you're my man, I want you to myself

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I know I'll have enemies long as you're into me
But I don't care 'cause I got what I need
Oh, yeah, need to get with the program
Boy, I keep you close like slow dance
Hit you with that red, don't go there, no, no man

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Met him, then get him, I make sure we stay
Got the venom to dead him if he want a snake
I mean, sneak, I mean, play hide and seek
Know that I'm gonna find you
Make sure you get left or you lеave

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[Pre-Chorus: Rosé & Jisoo]
I saw you
And knew what I was trying to do
I had to play it real, rеal smooth
And once I finally made my move

[Chorus: Jennie & Jisoo]
I went crazy over you (Ah, ah)
Over you, only you (Ah, ah)
I went crazy over you
Like eee, eee, eee

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[Verse 2: Jennie & Lisa]
Feels wrong but it's right, right
Blacked out, no night light
Pinked out like Fight Night
Maxed out of my mind and the price right
Might buy, might bite

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Never the regular degular
Would clean my mess up
But I rather mess it up
Simple is so-so, I need that oh no
Don't you know I'm loco?


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